Office Romance-electrical thinking

So many people are taken more openly to the idea of office romance… and some organizations have caught on to the negative end result of an office romance and have gone as far making the practice illegal. and this is why i generally support team illegal. In as much as we all would like  to indulge in some office romance because its fun and flirty when its all great and merry and the bubble is very much in place.

But that fateful day comes, wanted or not and that bubble pops and looking at that guy no-longer exciting and giving your butterfly’s in your stomach. instead you are filled with intense rage and anger. it is at that moment when reality strikes that every single day unless buy chance or fate one of comes into a different path that will separate you. you are literally doomed to seeing each other all the time.

that becomes very destructive and counterproductive… so I am inclined to say people should generally stay away from office romance, because it always ends badly for someone.


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