corporate responsibilty the new face of social justice

so  when the wave started of corporates doing there bit to improve the general  welfare of the less privileged started it ushered in an era f change and real positive value in society. We always tend to bash corporates for their profit motivated approach to business.

But we cannot take away from the positive contribution they have made to society to date. as a growing organization has taken its responsibility seriously and have claimed their part on the social responsibility gravy train with the vince vigour and vitality that makes me believe there really is hope for the future.

Sometimes the biggest investment into someone’s life is not the grand gestures, but rather the investment of time…. and companionship and attention. Mukuru spent the day at at Orphanage in Athlone Cape Town with gifts and allowed the children a chance to get a lot more affection than they they normally get. That sort of commitment to philanthropy makes me believe as a people we are not totally devoid of hope


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