Thank God for that embarassing incident.

so we are quick to find the closet rock to crawl under when that embarrassing incident happens. Disclaimers are issued, promises for swift and just actions to b taken are made. there is a great debate about the significance of the incident and what the whole mess implies about a brand or national identity and reputation. lets take for instance the mishap with the interpretor at the funeral of the late Nelson Mandela.

so after all the noise was made they finally got to my favourite part where they make changes and come up with solutions to ensure that future episodes do not take place. then along came sign-language being a compulsory addition to all school curriculum structures. Now there is a moment to observe silence and really think of that what that decision implies. The overall over haul of learning institutions and more conversations about deafness and disability. the deaf society has just been moved from the back offline to being mainstream. tertiary educational structures also now have a responsibility to provide a place for people with hearing disabilities.

so yes whilst ideally we try to avoid life escalating to a point where it takes major national incidents to make the necessary changes one cannot deny the positivity that has been generated as a result.

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