Mukuru the Rising remittance global power house.

so I’m not one who is known for blowing anyone’s bubble unless they actually deserve it. so the moment has come for me to acknowledge that. Mukuru has been adapting and improving so much on its product and providing world-class service to so many people living within the south African boarder one has no option but to give respect where its due.

Lets take a look at the latest product to be launched, the Mukuru card-to-card transfer… one phone call or ussd application away one has been able to meet the needs of a friend a relative, a necessary business transaction from one province into another. the idea to not be satisfied with just service but trying to ensure that mukuru is a cornerstone of every society by the provision of fast and efficient service delivery that i believe most companies should try and model after.

The idea that a generic/beneficiary account system is limited and does not offer much service is being put to the test by a company that is seeking innovation and progress from one level of service delivery to the next. its getting harder and harder to ignore that cow logo and the bright colours associated with Mukuru.

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