Is the storyline really changing?!

So there has been a great discussion over the years over the role of women in society and changing the defined role and identity of the female specie within society. great strides have been been some social structures are obviously more advanced on the matter in comparison to others. Which brings me to a very interesting point that was raised by one futuristic minded individual who said the force of  gender balance is has greatly tilted in favour of women, to such an extent that the time is coming when man have to fight for their rights.

Now as a self-proclaimed gender activist i was inclined to dismiss the notion as possibly psycho-bubbling. but I took a step back and allowed myself the to just think of why he would say that and indeed I saw that they maybe merits to the idea.  Slavery officially ended in 1865 in the Americas and a 140 years after the global super power embraces the first AFRICAN-AMERICAN female secretary of state in Condoleeza Rice. Globally women are holding pivotal positions in society and we really are building a global identity of power and strength. Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde holding the managing director position of the IMF is not a fit for the faint hearted.

So yes if women do continue soldiering on and not placing limitations the pendulum is tilting and the day is coming when man will want to play catchup.


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