The level of South African Police Service (SAPS) integrity has to be question to avail the credibility of their duties. I have heard many people mourning about the poor service offered by the men who are suppose to serve and protect. Let me emphasize that this is coming from experience through a lame robbery that happened in some early hour of a Sunday morning.


Some random guy unexpectedly grabbed my phone when i was checking time and some messages and had to run after the guy but to no avail the guy made some quick turn which resulted in me falling. Anyway i had to go and report the petty incident and only to be asked why i had to chase the guy(as if i just had to smile while someone took whats not theirs).  Should the police be asking such questions? When  i told a friend about the incident, he smiled and say he was once told “am sorry but theres nothing  we can do”, after his car wa stolen, honestly MR Officer just sorry. Hence we wonder why we have to many obese in SAPS, one will wonder if they do even get physical training regularly after graduating  or they will just be taking bribes to buy burgers and doughnuts.

Many cases are being unsolved to an extend that many victims have lost hope and respect to the uniformed men. Its just pity that they tend to act actioned packed causing sound pollution with their loud serine when responding to an issue that was reporte an hour beforehand. So does this mean that some officers lack common sense or its what they are taught behind closed doors that we don’t know of.

I just feel the police force doesn’t have sense of humour when dealing with different kind of cases or should i rather say they lack respect, yet forgetting they are here to serve and protect.

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