justice aint so just.

So the Oscar trial came and sort of went and now the Anne trial also came…. and its gone. all that is gone along with all the media buzz and all the attention on the family and the very public concern for their welfare and rehabilitation. but the scars remain and society is still inflicted with the the gun epidermic. society is still a very trigger happy and no-one seems to be genuinely holding anyone accountable for anything .

so the question we need to ask ourselves is just how just is justice. We can makea lot of noise when an issue is still fresh in peoples minds and the media gets the necessary ratings, but what happened to genuine concern and the need for society to seriously rally behind a cause. tougher punishments for offenders, better support systems for victims families and most importantly not sleep until every gun is off the streets and people do not sleep with a loaded gun underneath the bed. such should not be the case.

government needs to do more to address the violence that has engulfed our society. security has become big business because people are getting more paranoid by the day…… walls are getting higher, the barbed wires on op are getting a lot more dramatic

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