tribalism in africa

it shocks me that at the level of life we are at we still manage to be very myopic and still see life as if through a peripheral view. it is my opinion that we are damaged by the identities that we have been given from the oral tradition passed on from our fathers since time in memorial where one tribe does bad things to another and that negative energy is transported from generation to the next.

Now Africa is plagued with tribal wars on a national/ communal and organizational level that will continue to haunt us unless there is a shit on what stories are told to generations afters generation. I am not forsaking the history we have as a people nor am I discrediting the injustices suffered by many at the hands of another tribe but what i am disputing is the continuous transferences of negative energy and you’ve people fighting wars they barely understand. people hating each other when all that negativity could be transferred into building a more constructive society

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