Sending Money Part 1

I am beginning a serious of blogs on sending money to South Africa , i will be profiling each company from a lay mens perspective to see how easy it it for someone to send money , starting with the registration process all the way up to collection.

We will start with on How to send money to South Africa. Firstly there are two ways of registering for a Account either you can go online to or you can call into their call centre.

Then they open an account for you that you can use instantly , unfortunately because of the UK anti-money laundering policies you can only send £600, there after you need to send your proof of identity as well ad proof of address. then sends it ti the HMRC for them to verify and that limit is then removed from your account within 48hrs.

When sending money to South Africa your receiver needs to have a valid bank account in which to receive the money from, they do not facilitate cash collections for sending money to South Africa.Once you fill in the bank details as well as the adress and telephone number of the receiver then the money is either taken from your credit card if you choose that option, cash deposit into a barcleys bank , or an electronic transfer sent from your online bank account.


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