Bishop Mutilates Girl

The star newspaper in Johannesburg reported that a bishop from the Eden  Zionist Church in Katlehong mutilated a nine year old girl. Bishop Monde Tokwe who is 48  claimed that he was told by a traditional healer that for his church to prosper he had to mix some herbs with tissue from certain parts of a a young girls body.

The girls in questions name was Yonwlwa Sikweyiya she was the daughter of Tokwe’s friend, she loved and looked up to him like a father, he showered her with gifts and attention. It has been reported that the girl was probably still alive when Tokwe with the help of his wife Nolufefe Magasane who is 50 years old slashed her face and genitals for the ritual.

The girl was last seen entering Tokwe’s house before going missing, and Tokwe later on confessed to the deed and implicated his wife another man and the traditional healer .All of them have been arrested for murder and are awaiting trial. Sending them to jail seems almost merciful , unfortunately nothing can bring that little girl back.

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