Sending Money to South Africa

Sending money to South Africa with is the easiest thing ever. Firstly you go on the website and create an account you write your name ,telephone number, and address this will open an account that has £600 limit, as long as this limit has not been reached the customer can make orders either telephonic-ally or on the website.

Once customers reach that limit how ever they will need to send through their proof of identification as well as their proof of address and they have to be certified.they can scan them and send them to When you send money to South Africa with you have three methods of payment that can be used namely cash deposit into our Barclay’s account, On-line transfer as well as paying by credit card.

If you need to send money to South Africa the easy and affordable way, log on to and open your account. its that simple and its safe.All money sent to South Africa is deposited straight into your receivers bank account. Sign it ,send it, Sorted!!!!!!!


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