Sending Money to South Africa

I had the most uncomfortable experience the other day , i had just landed in South Africa for a visit and realized that i needed more money than i had carried. So being the big baby that i am i called my mom and told her i needed her to send money to South Africa , she asked me to find out what method she could use to do  that so i went to moneygram and they told me i need my passport which was cool and my proof of residence. So i told the lady that i didn’t live in South Africa how was i going to get a proof of residence???

Sometimes some of the laws that countries impose on people make it so hard for them to just simply transact. I must say i was extremely disappointed because i felt very inconvenienced and unwanted as a foreigner is South Africa . She then send the money through  into my bank account and  didn’t need to withdraw it i would just use my card and not have to actually carry physical cash.

Sending money to south Africa should not be like going to war really,doesn’t the south African government want to increase its tourism??? this is definitely a bad start. I must say in South Africa’s defense it is the most beautiful place in the world , so breath taking table mountain the beaches , the people are just the best. I felt so welcome and so at home with the South African people.

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