South Africa and global warming

The global Climate vastly affects the climate in south Africa , However South Africa itself is a contributer to global warming according to a study In 1990, South Africa was responsible for about 1.2% of the total global warming effect which placed it within the top ten contributing countries in the world.

The carbon dioxide equivalent emission rate per person in South Africa (about 10 tons of CO2 per person per year) is above the global average (7 tons pppy) – although this is still considerably below that of developed countries such as the United States (20 tons pppy – 1991). The burning of fossil fuels in South Africa is the primary source of this carbon dioxide.

These changes in the climate will have an impact on different sectors of the Economy as well as society.This is known as South Africa’s vulnerability to climate change. A lot of South Africans do not have houses that would give adequate shelter to the harsher hotter or colder temperature changes. Let us come together and fight global warming it affects all of us as well as our future generations.



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