justice aint so just.

So the Oscar trial came and sort of went and now the Anne trial also came…. and its gone. all that is gone along with all the media buzz and all the attention on the family and the very public concern for their welfare and rehabilitation. but the scars remain and society is still inflicted with the the gun epidermic. society is still a very trigger happy and no-one seems to be genuinely holding anyone accountable for anything .

so the question we need to ask ourselves is just how just is justice. We can makea lot of noise when an issue is still fresh in peoples minds and the media gets the necessary ratings, but what happened to genuine concern and the need for society to seriously rally behind a cause. tougher punishments for offenders, better support systems for victims families and most importantly not sleep until every gun is off the streets and people do not sleep with a loaded gun underneath the bed. such should not be the case.

government needs to do more to address the violence that has engulfed our society. security has become big business because people are getting more paranoid by the day…… walls are getting higher, the barbed wires on op are getting a lot more dramatic

Office Romance-electrical thinking

So many people are taken more openly to the idea of office romance… and some organizations have caught on to the negative end result of an office romance and have gone as far making the practice illegal. and this is why i generally support team illegal. In as much as we all would like  to indulge in some office romance because its fun and flirty when its all great and merry and the bubble is very much in place.

But that fateful day comes, wanted or not and that bubble pops and looking at that guy no-longer exciting and giving your butterfly’s in your stomach. instead you are filled with intense rage and anger. it is at that moment when reality strikes that every single day unless buy chance or fate one of comes into a different path that will separate you. you are literally doomed to seeing each other all the time.

that becomes very destructive and counterproductive… so I am inclined to say people should generally stay away from office romance, because it always ends badly for someone.



The level of South African Police Service (SAPS) integrity has to be question to avail the credibility of their duties. I have heard many people mourning about the poor service offered by the men who are suppose to serve and protect. Let me emphasize that this is coming from experience through a lame robbery that happened in some early hour of a Sunday morning.


Some random guy unexpectedly grabbed my phone when i was checking time and some messages and had to run after the guy but to no avail the guy made some quick turn which resulted in me falling. Anyway i had to go and report the petty incident and only to be asked why i had to chase the guy(as if i just had to smile while someone took whats not theirs).  Should the police be asking such questions? When  i told a friend about the incident, he smiled and say he was once told “am sorry but theres nothing  we can do”, after his car wa stolen, honestly MR Officer just sorry. Hence we wonder why we have to many obese in SAPS, one will wonder if they do even get physical training regularly after graduating  or they will just be taking bribes to buy burgers and doughnuts.

Many cases are being unsolved to an extend that many victims have lost hope and respect to the uniformed men. Its just pity that they tend to act actioned packed causing sound pollution with their loud serine when responding to an issue that was reporte an hour beforehand. So does this mean that some officers lack common sense or its what they are taught behind closed doors that we don’t know of.

I just feel the police force doesn’t have sense of humour when dealing with different kind of cases or should i rather say they lack respect, yet forgetting they are here to serve and protect.

Trading Market Stocks in South Africa

For one to to trade stock you need to understand what’s it’s all about:

A stock market or equity market is the aggregation of buyers and sellers (a loose network of economic transactions, not a physical facility or discrete entity) of stocks (also called shares); these may include securities listed on a stock exchange as well as those only traded privately.

The market in which shares of publicly held companies are issued and traded either through exchanges or over-the-counter markets. Also known as the equity market, the stock market is one of the most vital components of a free-market economy, as it provides companies with access to capital in exchange for giving investors a slice of ownership in the company. The stock market makes it possible to grow small initial sums of money into large ones, and to become wealthy without taking the risk of starting a business or making the sacrifices that often accompany a high-paying career.

Below please find links to some of  Stock Trading in South Africa :







I am in it to win it!!!!!!

So we all get those moment when life squeezes us so badly you feel soo hard pressed on options you end up being so negative in your thoughts and feelings. That is the understandable reaction to any bad situation. We all have our moment of revelation… mine came when it hit me that I asked myself why i should keep trying despite the number of doors that have shut in my face and the answer was really quite simple.

That moment you tell yourself that you are a winner not because your are winning but because that is the end result you want to see in your life. When you realize you have what it takes to win at the end of the day