corporate responsibilty the new face of social justice

so  when the wave started of corporates doing there bit to improve the general  welfare of the less privileged started it ushered in an era f change and real positive value in society. We always tend to bash corporates for their profit motivated approach to business.

But we cannot take away from the positive contribution they have made to society to date. as a growing organization has taken its responsibility seriously and have claimed their part on the social responsibility gravy train with the vince vigour and vitality that makes me believe there really is hope for the future.

Sometimes the biggest investment into someone’s life is not the grand gestures, but rather the investment of time…. and companionship and attention. Mukuru spent the day at at Orphanage in Athlone Cape Town with gifts and allowed the children a chance to get a lot more affection than they they normally get. That sort of commitment to philanthropy makes me believe as a people we are not totally devoid of hope


Is the storyline really changing?!

So there has been a great discussion over the years over the role of women in society and changing the defined role and identity of the female specie within society. great strides have been been some social structures are obviously more advanced on the matter in comparison to others. Which brings me to a very interesting point that was raised by one futuristic minded individual who said the force of  gender balance is has greatly tilted in favour of women, to such an extent that the time is coming when man have to fight for their rights.

Now as a self-proclaimed gender activist i was inclined to dismiss the notion as possibly psycho-bubbling. but I took a step back and allowed myself the to just think of why he would say that and indeed I saw that they maybe merits to the idea.  Slavery officially ended in 1865 in the Americas and a 140 years after the global super power embraces the first AFRICAN-AMERICAN female secretary of state in Condoleeza Rice. Globally women are holding pivotal positions in society and we really are building a global identity of power and strength. Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde holding the managing director position of the IMF is not a fit for the faint hearted.

So yes if women do continue soldiering on and not placing limitations the pendulum is tilting and the day is coming when man will want to play catchup.


Thank God for that embarassing incident.

so we are quick to find the closet rock to crawl under when that embarrassing incident happens. Disclaimers are issued, promises for swift and just actions to b taken are made. there is a great debate about the significance of the incident and what the whole mess implies about a brand or national identity and reputation. lets take for instance the mishap with the interpretor at the funeral of the late Nelson Mandela.

so after all the noise was made they finally got to my favourite part where they make changes and come up with solutions to ensure that future episodes do not take place. then along came sign-language being a compulsory addition to all school curriculum structures. Now there is a moment to observe silence and really think of that what that decision implies. The overall over haul of learning institutions and more conversations about deafness and disability. the deaf society has just been moved from the back offline to being mainstream. tertiary educational structures also now have a responsibility to provide a place for people with hearing disabilities.

so yes whilst ideally we try to avoid life escalating to a point where it takes major national incidents to make the necessary changes one cannot deny the positivity that has been generated as a result.

Mukuru the Rising remittance global power house.

so I’m not one who is known for blowing anyone’s bubble unless they actually deserve it. so the moment has come for me to acknowledge that. Mukuru has been adapting and improving so much on its product and providing world-class service to so many people living within the south African boarder one has no option but to give respect where its due.

Lets take a look at the latest product to be launched, the Mukuru card-to-card transfer… one phone call or ussd application away one has been able to meet the needs of a friend a relative, a necessary business transaction from one province into another. the idea to not be satisfied with just service but trying to ensure that mukuru is a cornerstone of every society by the provision of fast and efficient service delivery that i believe most companies should try and model after.

The idea that a generic/beneficiary account system is limited and does not offer much service is being put to the test by a company that is seeking innovation and progress from one level of service delivery to the next. its getting harder and harder to ignore that cow logo and the bright colours associated with Mukuru.

Much Ado about Nothing

its easy to label someone as a scenic, uninspired and critical, but I prefer to look at all that in one simple way realism. Most people get this inexplicable rush towards the end of the year the idea of setting up resolutions and goals and saying to oneself that this is the year that I really am going to stick to that 40day diet challenge. I’m really going to start on that business idea that I shelved for the past  three years.

So let me be the one to burst that bubble and say whilst the whole idea of new year resolutions might make one warm and fuzzy on the inside really is much ado about nothing. it does not take a fresh 12 month cycle to decide that today is the day I make the changes I need to make a change for the better. everyday6 and hour is a fresh opportunity to rewrite the story and make the changes that determine the difference between the person you are/was and the person you want to be.