Happy Galore on that exchange rate!

As a hard-workng individual embracing my responsibilities to my family that migrated to South Africa one has to really treasure the value of that money. So when that time comes for me to put a smile on my sisters face when she gets that sms notification first from Mukuru and then her Standard bank account when  the funds have been loaded into her account.

When that pound is performing exceptionally well and that usual amount is worth a lot more in rands it gives me quite some massive satisfaction as the sender and and I know my little sister will be smiling all the way to the atm. We all need to get value for money and it might be in the exchange rate il take it or even in the way mukuru offers such a great value


Moral Decadence The Latest Trend

So i don’t quite know where this is all going…. and no in not hinting towards the apocalypse or anything like that but the rate which our African society is going is really quite alarming. The bar of expectations on the youth keeps getting lower. When kids experiment on a drug however potent it may be instead of it being done in a dark alley away from prying eyes and God forbid that the authority might catch wind of it. Its a lot more fashionable to take pictures and videos that will circulate and better yet if they become viral.

Students take videos of gang rape ad they take pictures like its cool.  Is our south African society really motivated by violence. does violence run within out blood. Have we really bee so psychologically damaged that we have become so desensitized to violence and we are so fleeting that anything goes. We seem to be slowly drifting back to the punk days when challenging the status-quo was the the in thing. Good is bad and bad is cool don’t misunderstand me I am  not a stickler for some good fun and yes I believe in the medicinal benefits of marijuana, but the route which our society is taking really does leave a sour taste in my mouth


Millennium Developmental Goals Something To Hold On To

So when United Nations (U.N) came up with the millennium developmental goals most thought is very ambitious and bordering on unattainable. But most if not all things/ events in history and inventions were based or born out of over ambitious plans that shook the boundaries of society at their very mention.  So setting a time line for achieving certain goals meet to improve the quality and quantity of life should not be something for the critics to feed on. But rather something we all try to ask ourselves what’s my role in making it a reality.

My main issue which i think is lacking is there is not enough quantitative research that has been or is being done on both frosts to measure how much has been done to realize those dreams and how much still needs to be done. Whilst information has filters down as to the success in terms of child poverty eradication in Botswana the methodology used for date collection is not enough to really give a clear indication as too how much has been done or still needs to be done.

Not too mention the pressure resulting from natural disasters that keeps striking on different continents that keep making it harder to successfully achieve these targets. Ebola crisis in west Africa has left the continent vulnerable, families broken down and once again poverty a reality for most children.

It would be a good day for society when we start losing sleep over so we can all carry the cross to make this world a bit more bearable for someone else. But then again I have many problems in my life and lack of ambition and a deep seated belief in the goodness in everyone is not something that I  would be found waiting on.


Gendered Identities What is All That About?!

So when you ask yourself what it is it means to be male or female we can all jump up with a quick answer that its based on the biological make up that we are all born with. But is that not the very notion that is being challenged currently that the idea of gender is not really based on what biology dictates but the truth of a gender based identity is based on what one feels they really are inside. The biological nature of gender is reinforced by the process of socialization that children don’t really have any distinct decision or control over.

The idea that a girl has to have pink and yellow and boys get the blue ad the dull end of the colour coding is just quite interesting to me personally. Boys get guns ad cars girls get dolls ad pots… one end of the “gender line gets taught to be tough and masculine ad not really embrace the emotional end of growth whilst the other gets to be taught to be nurturing and domesticated. children are taught to be male and female…. One must be bold enough to ask the question that if boys were taught any differently would we have the stats we are faced with on a global scale on gender based violence. Would we have young man fathering children and failing to give the necessary support to to the woman and being emotionally unavailable to the children.

It is not time we ask  ourselves if this gendered identity approach is really working out for us. Would it really be a bad thing to raise man who are comfortable around domestic work and know how to nature their children. Woman who are strong enough to venture into male dominated industry because their awareness for then being female is not as strong as the passion and a desire to not let gender dictate what they can or cannot do.




Value of Life

As you get older and I dare say grow wiser, not just getting tall, i get to understand the value of life and what it means to have other people in it that need and rely on you for very basic sustenance. Being African most can identify that success as an individual is not as crucial as when it translate to supporting emotionally but mainly financially the immediate as well as extended family.

Being in the diaspora for so long the people around me that have not been as fortunate as I am do have learnt to rely on the support that i provide ever so often.  From it I have learnt to have a profound appreciation of life and how to be a better person in the lives of the ones I like. After pulling a double shift and you are absolutely knackered from the comfort of that couch my service does not stop with the patience I take care of but when I make that call to mukuru and place an order to send money to South Africa. It puts much joy in my heart to know that my family is smiling and proud of me after they have collected their funds from a bank top. Much simpler is that i can do it at the comfort zone of my couch, and if feeling lazy to get intimate with the Internet i can simply make a call to mukuru and be assisted to do an order.

It much safe and secure to transfer funds from the UK to SA using mukuru.

B.E.E really is crippling

So yes one can point it out to me the so called numerous benefits of the policy but one cannot deny the casualties that have been left in the process. An ideal process of redistribution of wealth would be one that gives balance and gives a fair chances to a larger number of people with society. But when it favours the transferee of wealth from one small minority to another within a society then one has to ask themselves just how effective the policy is on a lager context.

20 years past apartheid we are still talking about communal toilets and gross educational irregularities and the lack of basic services in society. South Africa is one of the largest economies in Africa second only to Nigeria but the quality of life for the majority of the people leaves a lot to be desired. One has to ask why when a strategy or a formula to give the necessary balance does not seem to be yielding the desired results do we continue to insist on it.

There is nothing as honourable as acknowledging institutional failure and embracing change as it comes along. Hence many question in regards to BEE have been raised but to no avail more questions are being raise. I just see the BEE as a system that was set up by a certain minority group to blindfold the beneficiaries of the  program, suppose to benefit theirs, but in actual sense this seem to be in the interest of safeguarding their ever accumulating interest.

Good Girls Like Bad Boys.

So I have heard that statement repeatedly and most people will justify it by saying opposite and so forth, but what I will suggest might be considered  a little bit of the rails but the thing about an opinion is it is what it is.

The reason why good girls like bad boys is really not that complex. Most girls that end up wearing the good girl badge is really not buy choice but rather a society attaches a title or an identity based on certain values that they believe epitomize what it means to be a good girl. But the real truth is that most ‘good girls’ will find comfort in the ‘bad boys’ because of the need to escape this title ad pressure that comes with it.

Which bring me to my next point ~ if good girls like bad boys does that not make them bad girls by choice or maybe by association. Because surely one thing that makes a girl good are the choices that she makes. Unless we in this incident call it a temporary lapse of judgement unless of cause being a good girl is based on a specific set of actions and choices and we overlook the boys they like because everyone is allowed a little guilty pleasure.

But i would rather gravitate towards the idea that ‘good’ girls like bad boys cause they were never good in the first place…… just saying!!!


A Service Like No Other.

So many people take simple things for granted like owning a bank account. But When you are not as fortunate as others in terms of being having adequate documentation as required by many banking institutions its becomes virtually impossible to have a legitimate banking account before resorting to the unsafe under the mattress banking.

So when Mukuru introduced the third party bank account which has provided a basic and necessary service to over a 100 000 people within South Africa. men and women mostly asylum-seekers from within southern Africa have benefited hugely from this service.

It gives me great please when I am sending money to my nephew in South Africa and use Mukuru services from the U.K and I know the funds will go directly into his bank account and he too is enjoying the same benefits of having a bank account that affords him the advantages that others might feel they have over him.

Drugs in SA killing Zim youths morals and behaviour

Is it a question of ever changing generation or is it a question of self freedom, or can we say people change as they grow up. Much change has been seen in many youths who escaped the economic meltdown of Zimbabwe that was brought forth by the illegal sanction imposed by the western countries.

It felt like an exodus to land of milk and honey but i am sure most will agree that they have witnesses the unexpected out of human behaviour they thought will never happen in lifetime. Many have come here in the hopes  to better their lives, some just came because people were running away from the situation that felt like Pharaoh is ruling again. It was an emancipation to save the belly. Facing the new life that never existed in their lifetime as they grow up, they became vulnerable and exposed to many different kind of unruly behaviour that have totally distorted their morals and culture. We have seen it all and some have been there and now they say “done that before!”.

The type of democracy they see in SA makes them think “we have a free-flow to do whatever we want”. Its sad to say that some have resorted to drugs taking it as a dope way of living hence its affecting their physical health and mental health as well. Some have had this before, some have seen it happening, some knows someone who is doing it, but in the back of their mind they know its wrong, they have the will to give advice but they don’t have the power to convince someone who says “i know what i’m doing”. Honestly they know their life is being washed away with their norms but ignore it.

Drugs are flooded everywhere, anywhere and are available at any time in South Africa and this leads to foreign youths getting exposed to certain  things through may be people they become friends with or the freedom to do whatever they want. What can we do as South Africans to help this youths?