Land Reform in South Africa

A revolution is not complete until the masses have the privilege to own what is rightfully theirs

Recently we have seen on news the land grab by the EFF just outside  Pretoria, which in my opinion is a right thing to do if the land is not being used for anything, yet also it belongs to the indigenous people who are dis granted the privilege . Unfortunately the land grabs that seem to be taking place in South Africa seems to be of people who are  just concerned about housing, mainly to build shacks. Its just sad that the same government that promised to resettle people before the independence during campaign is the same government that sends the police to beat up its own citizens who don’t have houses, who are in a conscious way trying to provide for themselves what the government has failed to do, to shelter themselves.

The Current Situation of “the Land”

As evident from reported and unreported cases of eviction, land invasions, irregular land uses and other activities, majority of South Africa continues to be landless or with insecure land rights. these include those who live in communal areas especially in the former homelands and Self Governing Territories. These people generally correspond to those in poverty traps, welfare-dependent, least educated, resource-poor, inhabiting poor quality land, and often in poor performing municipalities.

Land dispossession in South Africa produced negative consequences such as consignment of the majority to the most unproductive land, inequitable distribution of land ownership largely in favour of a minority racial group, dislocation of the social and economical system of the indigenous people in relation to land use, and tenantization through labour tenancy, sharecropper that the net effect on development of this accumulation by dispossession is that it generally undermines the conditions for successful development. Furthermore in reality, 20% of the minority control 80% of the land that is not rightfully theirs, yet 90% of the minors only control 15% of their land.

We acknowledge that colonialism and apartheid systematically undermined African agriculture when the white farmers, through substantial state subsidies and the availability of cheap black labour, developed a model of larger-scale commercial farming in South Africa. This has led to two forms of agriculture in South Africa: so-called subsistence farming in the communal areas, and white commercial farming. With the extend of the dispossession of the land of indigenous people resulting into many already converted into wage-workers, the State seem to be playing fool on its own people with no doubt that they are still submitted to the system that that implemented the cause of the matter.

Julius Malema wants said  “If someone steal your car and pimp it with new wheels, tinted windows etc and later it gets recovered that its your car, are you going to say keep it because its now looking nicer than before, its still your car”

big pharmarcueticals-organized crime!!!

So lets walk into the world of the unknown where all things are possible so long as you can support the argument you will be making. Let me save you from asking me where I am going with this…. ladies and gentleman conspiracy theories is where I am going with this and how they may not always be a propagated by a bunch of paranoid individuals that want to thrust their own fears onto you.

So yes this is quite gutsy on my part calling out pharmaceutical companies like I am about to. The days when organized crime was centred around illegal practises done under a very centralized command structure with a Mafia boss at the top of the power pyramid are so gone. Now you have the drug dealers ivy-league educated creating and mixing drugs for everything under the son… all under the approval of the law.. People have stopped questioning why we really need to be popping so many pills, are we really that weak and fragile within. Pharmaceuticals have manufactured a drug for every occasion or lack of occasion. P{ills have become crucial and big brother pharmacy has left us with a profound vulnerability and craving for the security of medicines that is really beyond my comprehension. Not to discredit the the impact of depression on life but do we really need to be taking pills to regulate our moods and emotions.

These modern day drug dealers have learnt to operate within the law and manipulate the grey areas within the law it saddens my heart to see how ethics is really not big a deal compared to the bottom line of ranking in profits. so yes big pharmaceuticals really are the latest version of organized crime.