boarders the latest loss.

So there has always been the argument about political boarders and the notion that the our very national identity especially as Africans is a direct results of political boundaries set in motion by a discourse that was designed by imperialism and set to benefit the partition of Africa. But what ever the motivation and the reason behind why borders have existed, and for the better part of our time especially as southern Africans we have tried to respect and exist between the confinements of our boarders. But lo and behold globalization happened on one fine sunny day, and socio-economic conditions led people to adopt a practice that was almost extinct… nomadism.

One might ask me what makes be state so boldly that boarders are the latest loss?! Well, in as much as nations and states are fighting hard to maintain their sovereign identity that idea and dream is fast becoming a thing of the past as no-one can exist in a vacuum. the very thing that schooled me into believing the mythology of boarders is the impact I have managed to make in my siblings lives. whilst the distance and so called boarders make it much of a mission to be physically in the same place.

I have through the different modes of communication been able to participate in the joys of everyday life and still manage to be emotionally involved when it counts. Not only that but I have been able to provide for everyday needs by tapping into a service that allows me direct access into the specific bank account that I want the money to be used for in-order to allow my siblings to focus mainly on school and keep their heads above the water.

Don’t get me wrong the kids are a responsible bunch but money has a tendency to always end up being used for a lot more than it should be use for. So to save me from all that hussle, I deposit  fees directly into the banking account as well pay for other crucial services and that makes accountability much more attainable and we avoid the friction that is so often associated with money. The send money to s.a service has been instrumental in convincing me that borders are really evaporating .

Respect where its due.

So lets delve into the latest controvercy, I like those. it just gives more colour to this life that may have the tendency to be black and white. And if I was to be more adventures with my choice of language I wld say add 50 shades of grey to the issue that many including myself have thought to be somewhat one dimentional.

Before I get lost too much, the real issue I am actually trying to talk about is the Dalai Lama and the visa row with South Africa that inturn led to the cancellation of Nobel peace summit when most delegates pulled out of attendance. so its rather interesting that the idea of how democracy must be practised. whilst I may not agree in principal with the idea of denying the Lama a Nobel PEACE summit visa based on the history of South Africa aparthied etc. One cannot faulter S.A on whatever their motivation maybe for the denial.

The whole idea of being a sovereign nation means a nation has the responsibility to make a choice comfortable or not the choice still has to be made. Whilst its honourable to make decisions that always get everyone else smiling and appproving. South Africa was well within rights a democtratic nation to choose who they embrace within the geo-political boundaries.

However misguided we may feel the choice was lets learn to give respect where its due.

Heritage/Culture what?

So I find myself commenting on issues that should not really be
bothering me. But like most people who are indulging in it daily I might
as well join the band wagon and act like my opinion is worth exploring
and maybe even get one of two people  to say “oh wait…she is onto

Ok so I just sold out my gender does that make my opinion biased in a
certain direction? If it does then let me begin by acknowledging my
bias… but I trust the sensibility in me will go beyond the
limitation of a gender bias.

So to the real issue that has got me sharing my opinion is heritage
and the notion  that the present youth have  somewhat perverted the
structures of our “ethnic” identity and I use the word ethnic with
much caution, because the idea of an ethnic identity may as well be as
controversial as the idea of heritage.

in my most humble opinion I gather people are getting over excited
about protecting ” the ethnic identity” but culture as I have observed
over my few many years on this earth is that the idea of culture and
heritage have a very discursive nature just like language (which is ever changing). Culture and heritage is simply what we hold onto as a people
and allow it to contribute to out core values.It may be borrowed from
history or from  unique experiences that we all have as a people. what
connects us as people in not culture, heritage or even the colour of
our skins but rather our humanity……..Just a thought.