investing in agriculture

South Africa is recognised as the bread basket of Africa.Agriculture is one of the main factors that contributes towards the economy growth.In the rural areas of South Africa there are smallholder farmers that feed the nation but struggle to feed themselves. They are the people most connected to the land but lack resources to go commercial so they remain subsistent.Better irrigation, farming equipment, storage and  market access could actually brighten the future of majority of these farmers.Investing in agriculture pays.It can lift millions of people out poverty by 2024,  jobs creation and boost the economy.For someone in the developed countries and interested in investing in South Africa, agriculture is the most ideal for  way to earn a huge profit.One might wonder on how to go about it but it begins with investing that smallholder farmer. They need sufficient capital for the inputs.If one can send them the required amount straight into their bank account via, surely that would bring a smile to the farmer and when  looking at the bigger picture , that is the beginning of a bright future for the nation!

South African economy

South African platinum strikes are costing a $36 million a day.This has affected the country’s economy negatively causing the rand to hit its five-year low against major currencies. The weakening of the rand has resulted in  the   fuel price hikes.An ordinary South African might not realise the impact of this but in the near future this is definitely resulting  increase on taxi fares, food costs and electricity.

Presented with a situation like this, for those who have family and friends in the diaspora where the economy is better  can only hope that they receive some assistance from them financially. has been recognised as one reliable remittance company as South Africans are receiving money straight into their bank accounts from their loved ones in the diaspora

GBP to ZAR Exchange rate

The past month saw the crumbling of the rand with the  29-30 th of Jan being the highlight that brought the GPR/ZAR currency pair to 18.53605. This was the peak since the recession period of  October 2008. Currently the rand is trading far below its fair value which  in essence is advantageous to one sending money to South Africa. The weakening of the rand actually allows one in the UK to pay bills for their family and friends in South africa and afford them  a decent living.

South Africa immigration Guide

South Africa is one of the most beautiful places in the world. if you are thinking of sending money to South Africa or relocating there permanently here is some information. KwaZulu-Natal is the province with the largest population in South Africa. The Zulu culture is predominant here, although there is also a large Indian community (in fact, it is the largest Indian community outside of India), as well as immigrants from other African countries according to .

The province is geographically diverse, ranging from pristine shores to the east to rugged mountains further inland, with the fertile Midlands sandwiched between the two. One of the key industries in the province is sugar cane farming, and it is not uncommon to see vast plantations of cane bending in the breeze. Durban is the largest city in Kwazulu natal.