Rates of Exchange

Sending money to South Africa is one of the simplest things to do . If you find a really good remittance company they make this often thought cumbersome process very easy.The thing to watch out for the rate of exchange , so below i have just copied a rate board from sa venues.com they facilitate finding accommodation in South Africa for those that live abroad.

Knowing what the rate is will help you see weather you are being offered a good deal when sending your money to South Africa. Please note that these rates change daily so be sure to get the most current rate.

Last updated on Friday, 03 May 2013
One Rand equals X currency One currency equals X Rand
8.95123 US Dollar (USD) United States 0.11 ZA Rands
13.9023 Pound sterling (GBP) United Kingdom 0.07 ZA Rands
11.687 Euro (EUR) European Union 0.09 ZA Rands
9.18033 Australian dollar (AUD) Australia 0.11 ZA Rands
8.88504 Canadian dollar (CAD) Canada 0.11 ZA Rands
1.45359 Chinese yuan renminbi (CNY) China 0.69 ZA Rands
1.54156 Croatian kuna (HRK) Croatia 0.65 ZA Rands
19.9685 Cyprus pound (CYP) Cyprus 0.05 ZA Rands
0.456274 Czech koruna (CZK) Czech Republic 2.19 ZA Rands
1.56774 Danish krone (DKK) Denmark 0.64 ZA Rands
1.15352 Hong Kong dollar (HKD) Hong Kong 0.87 ZA Rands
0.0394869 Hungarian forint (HUF) Hungary 25.32 ZA Rands
0.0772457 Icelandic krona (ISK) Iceland 12.95 ZA Rands
0.16627 India Rupees (INR) India 6.01 ZA Rands
0.0914419 Yen (JPY) Japan 10.94 ZA Rands
2.93387 Malaysian ringgit (MYR) Malaysia 0.34 ZA Rands
7.60648 New Zealand dollar (NZD) New Zealand 0.13 ZA Rands
1.54268 Norwegian krone (NOK) Norway 0.65 ZA Rands
2.82194 Polish zloty (PLN) Poland 0.35 ZA Rands
2.70861 New Romanian leu (RON) Romania 0.37 ZA Rands
0.287209 Russian rouble (RUB) Russian Federation 3.48 ZA Rands
7.2481 Singapore dollar (SGD) Singapore 0.14 ZA Rands
1.36841 Swedish krona (SEK) Sweden 0.73 ZA Rands
9.57108 Swiss franc (CHF) Switzerland 0.10 ZA Rands
4.99249 New Turkish lira (TRY) Turkey 0.20 ZA Rands