AFCON 2013

Afcon 2013 is upon and there is so much excitement in the county,almost as electrifying as the 2012 world cup was.

Afcon(African Cup of Nations) is the main international association footballcompetition in Africa.It was first held in 1957 and has been held every two years since 1968.South Africa,the current host for the 2013 Afcon were scheduled to participate in1957 together with Sudan,Ethiopia and Egypt but they were disqualified because of the apartheid policies of the governemnt at that time.

This year the tournament started on the 19th of January and will run until the 10th of February.The winner of this tournament will qualify for the 2013 Confederations Cup in Brazil.

Sixteen countries will be taking part in the tournament, with South Africa qualified as hosts. THe 16 teams have been grouped into four groups and wil be based in five host cities,namely Johannesburg,Rustenburg,Durban,Nelspruit and Nelson Mandela Bay

The groups are as follows:

Group A: South AfricaAngolaCape VerdeMorocco

Group B: GhanaDR CongoMaliNiger

Group C: ZambiaBurkina FasoNigeriaEthiopia

Group D: Ivory CoastAlgeriaTogoTunisia

The quarter final matches ill be played in the following order:

i. Winner Group A/Second Group B

ii. Winner Group B/Second Group A

iii. Winner Group C/Second Group D

iv. Winner Group D/Second Group C

The winner of the quarter finals will qualify for the semi final.The final will be played between the winners of the semifinals.




Sending money into a South African bank account

Immigrants living in the UK have the option to send their money through remittance companies,where the money is collected over the counter,or they can send the money directly into a bank account. is one of those companies that offer such a service.Money sent to South Africa through Mukuru is sent directly into a bank account.There is no option for an over the counter cash collection.

A customer places an order by calling the call centre or through the company’s website.They have an option to pay using a credit/debit card,pay via eft or make a deposit into the company account.

It takes approximately 2 to 3 working days for the money to be cleared into the recipient’s bank account.

The January school fees rush

Schools and universities in South Africa start opening in January.A lot of South African migrant workers as well as other people from different parts of Africa have their dependents living and working in South Africa.

People sending money to South Africa have various options to choose from.The option a person chooses depends on the amount they intend to send,the urgency that the money is needed as well as the cost of sending this money.

There are a lot of companies and financial institutions that remit money from the UK to South Africa.Examples of these are companies such as Rennies,Western Union,,just to mention a few.

They are very competitive and offer different rates for different amounts so customers can choose which one works for them.


Christmas and the New Year

Compliments of the season !!!!! Traditionally Christmas is a major revenue holiday for any one in retail especially remittances the world over . everyone who has emigrated wants to send money home to their families especially during Christmas as its probably the most important family holiday in the world. When you are unable to be with your family physically the next best thing is providing all the Worldly comforts that you can afford.

Admittedly prices go up and you tend to spend more on less than what you would normally have gotten. However the upside of Christmas monetarily are the massive sales that occur after the fact and if you hadn’t guessed my gender yes i am a woman . It is also the norm that exchange rates are higher and are a little more favorable in the middle of January when all the traveling and festivities are over.