How much does the president earn ????

I came across this very interesting survey about presidential salaries marital statuses as well as number of children they have and i thought everyone would really enjoy what i found .

Australia – Julia Gillard – In a relationship – 0 Children – Salary R 4 850 555

USA – Barack Obama – Married – 2 Children – Salary R 3 725 210

South Africa (President) – Jacob Zuma – Married – 20 Children – Salary R 2 917 038

France – Francois Hollande – Divorced – 4 Children – Salary R 2 900 000

UK -David Cameron – Married – 2 Children – Salary R 2 066 250

Namibia (President) – Hifikepunye Pohamba – Married – 6 Children – R 1 402 426

Russia – Vladimir Puitin – Married – 2 Children – R 1 066 519

Peoples Democratic republic of China -Xi Jinping – Married – 1 Child – R 369 910

India -Pranab Mukherjee – Married – 3 Children – R 300 962

Zimbabwe – Robert Mugabe – Married – 3 Children – R 167 635

Catholic Church- Benedict XVI – Not married – 0 Children – R 0

So yeah how amazing according to this list the South African president is third after Obama  and Gillard that is very impressive for an African country , it shows how economically sound and prosperous South Africa is to pay their president that amount. At the bottom we have old faithful Mr Mugabe who is second to last how amazing the big difference in earnings from these neighboring countries . Finally in last place  the pope who is the lowest earning leader with a whooping ZERO . How does the Pope live ? well to answer my question  i guess the church pays for everything, but does he really live in abject poverty .




Remittence Trends

The World Bank put the official figure of remittances to developing countries at $167 billion,a 73 percent increase from the 2001 figure of 72.3 billion. India  topped the list in 2005 with a “spectacular” reported remittance flow increase of $18  billion and is followed closely by China, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Remittances more than doubled in the past decade with the quantity of remittances going to developing countries doubling in the past five years.Even Sub Saharan Africa, long at the bottom in terms of remittance receipts, officially registered almost US$ 8.1 billion in remittances in 2005, a 72 percent increase from the 2001 figure of US$ 4.7 billion. Obviously a lot of Africans send money home esp South Africans living in the UK this started in 2005 and has steadily increased as the years have gone by. As more people leave home to go to the EU we find more money is remitted.

Happenning Back home- Smugglers arrested

A Lebanese Man was arrested after the hawks (elite South African  police unit )  where tipped off. apparently the 25 year old man was in possession of R20m worth of Diamonds which he swallowed in an attempt to cover up the attempted fraud.

The suspect was apprehended at the OR Tambo International airport in Johannesburg and was about to board a plane to Dubai . In March a 27 year old Lebanese man was also arrested at the same airport while trying to smuggle R15m worth of diamonds as well.The police recovered 220 pieces of diamonds  and they believe that these two are not isolated incidences but are part of an international diamond-smuggling syndicate .

The origins of the diamonds are not known. How interesting that these two Lebanese men were trying to smuggle the same thing out of the same airport in the exact same way !!!! how dumb can you get ??? anyway because of proactive citizens this gang of smugglers has been thwarted twice .

My £100.00 in South Africa

Its really interesting when you look at sending money to South Africa , a lot of South Africans send money home to help their families financially. we are going to be looking at how much an average UK customer sends and what it actually buys at home

When we look at £100.00 it converts to about R1250 give or take. Groceries you can buy 6kgs of rice 6kgs of spaghetti, 5kg mealie meal, 3 kg of beef , 2kg chicken , 3kgs pork , 4kg sugar , 1kg salt , 2kg tomatoes, 7kg potatoes, 3 Kg mixed frozen veggies , 8 liters of milk , 4 dozen eggs and 4 liters of juice. that is quite a bit of stuff . enough for a small family of three to survive for about a month .