Sending Money Part 1

I am beginning a serious of blogs on sending money to South Africa , i will be profiling each company from a lay mens perspective to see how easy it it for someone to send money , starting with the registration process all the way up to collection.

We will start with on How to send money to South Africa. Firstly there are two ways of registering for a Account either you can go online to or you can call into their call centre.

Then they open an account for you that you can use instantly , unfortunately because of the UK anti-money laundering policies you can only send £600, there after you need to send your proof of identity as well ad proof of address. then sends it ti the HMRC for them to verify and that limit is then removed from your account within 48hrs.

When sending money to South Africa your receiver needs to have a valid bank account in which to receive the money from, they do not facilitate cash collections for sending money to South Africa.Once you fill in the bank details as well as the adress and telephone number of the receiver then the money is either taken from your credit card if you choose that option, cash deposit into a barcleys bank , or an electronic transfer sent from your online bank account.


England’s Lifeline

According to Home Affairs figures released recently, migrant workers contributed £6 billion to the country’s economic growth last year and earned higher wages than their British counterparts.

The study concluded that new arrivals were harder-working, brought sought-after skills and paid more in tax than they used in public services.

It has also been noted that the country has experienced a steady increase of new immigrants over the last decade leading to warnings that the country cannot cope with the growth. But the Government figures suggested migration was throwing a life-line to an economy suffering skills shortages and struggling to support a growing bill for pensions.

It was calculated that new migration accounted for about one-sixth of Britain’s economic growth, equivalent to £6 billion last year. The Home Office said the newcomers had “high levels of skills – higher on average than the UK natives” and that employers found migrant workers “reliable and hard-working”.

The report revealed that migrants earned on average £424 per week last year, compared with £395 for UK-born workers, and as a result paid more per head in tax and VAT than Britons. It also suggested that the work ethic of the new arrivals was also having a positive impact on British workers, helping to increase their pay levels.

The Home Office said research showed migrants contributed 10 per cent of Government revenue, but used only 9.1 per cent of expenditure in such areas as schools or hospitals.

It said: “In the long run it is likely the net fiscal contribution of an immigrant will be greater than that of a non-immigrant.”

Ask the right questions

Sending money South afrca plays a very central part in the lives of a lot of South Africans  in the Diaspora. That money represents livelihoods back home; it represents that fine line between survival and poverty: so naturally one would want to ask all the right questions before making  such a crucial transaction

Here are a few crucial questions that will ensure that avoid any frustrating misunderstandings during the process.

  • Does the provider guarantee that the money will be available by a certain date or time?
  • Is the exchange rate guaranteed so you know exactly how much the person you are sending money to expects to receive?
  • What rights do you have if the money is not received at the promised time?
  • What is the refund policy if the person is unable to pick up the money?
  • What are the ID requirements the recipient has to present to collect the money?
  • What to do if things go wrong.
  • Will the person receiving the money have to pay a fee?
  • Does the person receiving the money have to pay an additional fee when they receive the money? It is always best to check with the provider you use.

Remittance products



Remittances are critical to the lives of millions of people in developing countries. Nearly 200 million people live outside their home countries and according to a recent WWB Innovation Brief, official remittances to the developing world now total USD 93 billion per year, making them the second most important resource of external funding in developing countries ahead of capital market flows and external funding for developing countries.

As the average remitter becomes more sophisticated, their needs also begin to change. Remittance has thus become more than just a monthly payment to the developing world that will cover basic expenses. Remittances provide an opportunity for investment, development, financial inclusion, savings, and entrepreneurial innovation, among other things.

Remittance products are therefore an important part of the remittance industry. It is crucial for remittance companies to come up with innovative ways to cater for their evolving clientele, keep up with technological advancements and at the same time remain accessible to the average recipient of remittance money in the developing world.

If you are interested in more than just sending money to South Africa, go check out to get an idea of the innovative products they have on offer!

Sending Money to South Africa

I had the most uncomfortable experience the other day , i had just landed in South Africa for a visit and realized that i needed more money than i had carried. So being the big baby that i am i called my mom and told her i needed her to send money to South Africa , she asked me to find out what method she could use to do  that so i went to moneygram and they told me i need my passport which was cool and my proof of residence. So i told the lady that i didn’t live in South Africa how was i going to get a proof of residence???

Sometimes some of the laws that countries impose on people make it so hard for them to just simply transact. I must say i was extremely disappointed because i felt very inconvenienced and unwanted as a foreigner is South Africa . She then send the money through  into my bank account and  didn’t need to withdraw it i would just use my card and not have to actually carry physical cash.

Sending money to south Africa should not be like going to war really,doesn’t the south African government want to increase its tourism??? this is definitely a bad start. I must say in South Africa’s defense it is the most beautiful place in the world , so breath taking table mountain the beaches , the people are just the best. I felt so welcome and so at home with the South African people.

Bishop Mutilates Girl

The star newspaper in Johannesburg reported that a bishop from the Eden  Zionist Church in Katlehong mutilated a nine year old girl. Bishop Monde Tokwe who is 48  claimed that he was told by a traditional healer that for his church to prosper he had to mix some herbs with tissue from certain parts of a a young girls body.

The girls in questions name was Yonwlwa Sikweyiya she was the daughter of Tokwe’s friend, she loved and looked up to him like a father, he showered her with gifts and attention. It has been reported that the girl was probably still alive when Tokwe with the help of his wife Nolufefe Magasane who is 50 years old slashed her face and genitals for the ritual.

The girl was last seen entering Tokwe’s house before going missing, and Tokwe later on confessed to the deed and implicated his wife another man and the traditional healer .All of them have been arrested for murder and are awaiting trial. Sending them to jail seems almost merciful , unfortunately nothing can bring that little girl back.

South Africa Top brands Awards

The annual Sunday Times Top brands awards were held in Johannesburg South Africa this past week end. The South African Business community’s favorite brands were enjoying the lime light at the 14th edition of this award ceremony. In the cellphone category The Apple iPhone out shined the rest in the first place, while Blackberry came second the the notorious Nokia was in third place.

In the Flying category business people chose British Airways as number one,Kulula causing the biggest upset in second place and South African Airways in third place. The Southern Sun was in first place in the hotel category followed by City Lodge in and Protea hotels in third place.

It is very encouraging having these awards and companies that provide great service are acknowledged and those trying to break into the market are given a fair change by allowing the consumers to vote. South Africa is definitely on the right track.


Farm Shooting in South Africa

A 57 year old man has pleaded guilty to killing a 14 year old boy in Johannesburg . Piet Swart was charged with culpable homicide, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and three charges of common assault. Last year Mr Swart shot at a group of boys fishing in a dam on his farm, he fired several shots and two of the four boys were hit. The 14 year old was hit in the head while the 17 year old was shot in the arm.

Swart took the wounded teenagers to the hospital where the 14 year old was declared dead, while the other boy was treated and discharged. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison which was suspended on condition that he will not commit a similar crime  during his suspension period. The family of the deceased boy will receive R75000 while the other wounded boy will receive R25000 in compensation from Swart.

It is very sad when tragedies like this occur, we can only sympathize with the families involved for Swart I’m sure was just trying to protect what is his while the boys were most likely looking for a means of survival. Though he has given them some money, nothing can bring back that little boys life. what a shame.

South Africa at the OLYMPICS

South Africa is doing better than expected in the 2012 London Olympics, After swimming sensation Chad le Clos beat the legendary Michael Phelps in the mens 200m butterfly finals. Le Clos medal was added to the Gold that Camero van der Burge received for the mens 100m breaststroke.

South Africa are currently tenth on the medals table ahead of teams like the great Britain who are the host and Australia.The SA men’s lightweight fours rowing team of Matthew Brittain, Sizwe Ndlovu, John Smith and James Thompson qualified for Thursday’s A final, finishing second of six boats in six minutes, 04.21 seconds (6:04:21) in the second semi-final.

South Africa are causing quite a stir at the Olympics and they are flying their countries flag high as well as representing all Africans in such a great way. Go South Africa conquer the world!!!!!!!