Petrol Price goes up

On Wednesday the Fist of August the price of petrol will increase by 22cents per litre , this was announced by the South African department of energy.The average rand/dollar exchange rate was stronger when compared to the previous review period.The average rand/dollar exchange rate for the period June 29 to July 26 was R8.2657, compared to R8.4189 during the previous averaging period.

the national retail price of paraffin will increase by20c/litre. Overally what does this mean for the average South African trying to get by? prices will increase though slightly but they will definitely increase and the rich will keep getting richer and the poor poorer . I hope the consumer council of South Africa will keep a look out for retailers trying to take the consumers for a ride.



South Africa

One million Whites South Africans have left their country between 1995-2005 years ! These statistics where released by the (SAIRR) South African Race relations, and where compiled by Frans Cronjé and the main reasons stated where Crime and affirmative action. Are the white South Africans being forced to leave their country? It seems that way as some of the new laws are very biased against white South Africans.

While a lot of white South African have left they are not the only ones leaving the country other races have left the country to find greener pastures as well.Luckily for  the expats there are quit a few Reliable and trustworthy remittance companies that send money to South Africa. is significantly making it more affordable making it easier for the millions of hard working South Africans out there who want to send money to South Africa which is their  home. it is extremely safe as the money goes straight into the receivers bank account.Its such a comfort when you are far away from your loved ones to be able to send them something as a token of your love.

Sending Money to South Africa

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Strategic Aids plan working

ANC chief whip Mathole Mothekga reported that it was pleasing that a higher number of babies were saved from HIV infection compared to last year.”This shows that the National Strategic Plan against HIV and Aids, unveiled by President Jacob Zuma late last year, and pro grammes we have in place to deal with HIV/Aids infection are working,” he said.We are dedicated to saving lives and  testing for HIV infection for mother-to-child and placing them on treatment pro-grammes has assisted in reducing risk.

Earlier, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi announced that an estimated 104 000 babies out of 117 000 (89%) were saved from HIV infection in 2010.In 2011, another 3 000 babies were saved to increase the proportion to 91% of 117 000 babies. HIV and Aids have ravaged Africa and South Africa is no exception, let us stand together and protect all those innocent babies.It is possible to have an HIV free generation let us give them a fighting chance by reducing HIV infections in children.

Public Schools decline in South Africa

In the years 2010 and 2011 the number of South African public schools declined while the number of independent schools increased, according to a survey conducted by the SA Institute of Race Relations(SAIRR).The period between 2000 and 2010 saw a decline of nine percent in the number of public schools, from 26 789 to 24 451.Independent schools, on the other hand, increased by more than 44% in the whole country.

Obviously, there is a growing trend of parents preferring to send their children to independent schools, but independent schools still represent only a small proportion of South African schools.With about 30 pupils per teacher, the nationwide pupil-teacher ratio in public schools was almost double the ratio in independent schools, which had an average of 16 pupils per teacher, SAIRR said.

when you children’s life is in the balance because education is the key that unlocks all their dreams and aspirations which would you choose? the affordable public system or would you spend an arm and a leg to ensure your children’s future is secure by giving them a gift that keeps on giving? the choice is yours. If you would like to send money to South Africa for education for example use send money easily and afford-ably straight into someones bank account.

Racism againt white people in South Africa

The South African trade union has been quoted saying that the white people of South Africa have been alienated in the public service sector. The government have instituted policies that favor black people in an attempt to equalize the injustices brought about by apartheid. I don’t know how long they can keep this up, and are there suitably qualified black people to take these position? If there are non will they be fair and defer the position to a another race or simply employ that under qualified person just because he is black.

In an interesting turn of events Nkosinathi Nhleko, the director general of the Department of Labor, called on young white people to pursue a career in the public service.According to Dirk Groenewald, Head of Solidarity’s Department of Labor Court Law, this invitation shows that the government’s stance on affirmative action differs from day to day.The government’s previous statements on affirmative action have already alienated white people and offer a strong contrast with Nhleko’s statements, said Groenewald. “The state has lost its credibility as an employer where a white person can build a career.”Will this race issue be solved in South Africa ???


South African Nuclear facility

I got such a shock this morning as i was going through my morning routine of reading the news and i read the headline break in at South African nuclear facility !!! My shock was that South Africa has a nuclear facility?? wow , then of course that someone tried to break in.

If you have ever been to South Africa you would be just as shocked as i was, Maybe its the way Africa is portrayed in movies or the gross underdevelopment that cripples our defense forces? Or maybe its because a lot of African governments fight with their people making themselves weak and not in the end becoming a treat to other countries. Whatever  it is most African countries are not even mentioned when it comes to nuclear technology.

So  i guess South Africa is definitely doing something right if the Government has the the time and money to invest in protecting their country then there is so much hope for this nation.The national Nuclear Regulator spokesperson Gino Moonsamy described the break in as a small incident stating that on the three attempts made to break into the facility all perpetrators did not even come close to the 600kg of uranium which has the ability to build about 20 nuclear bombs.

Cape Town South Africa: Flood Disaster

The city of Cape Town stated on Monday that it has close to spend R1million on the victims of the recent Cape peninsula flood.The city had helped 19 641 people from 6 102 households since June 26,and the money was spent on blankets, meals, flood kits, food parcels and baby packs, said Disaster Risk Management Centre spokesperson Wilfred Solomons-Johannes.

A flood is an overflow of water that submerges land.The European Union  (EU) defines a flood as a covering by water of land not usually covered by water .Flooding may result from the volume of water within a body of water, such as a river  or lake, which overflows or breaks levees, with the result that some of the water escapes its usual boundaries.Floods can also occur in rivers, when flow exceeds the capacity of the river channel, particularly at bends or meanders. Floods often cause damage to homes and businesses if they are placed in natural flood plains of rivers. While flood damage can be virtually eliminated by moving away from rivers and other bodies of water, since time out of mind, people have lived and worked by the water to seek sustenance and capitalize on the gains of cheap and easy travel and commerce by being near water.


The Cape town  disaster response teams have been ordered to be on enhanced level of standby and to brace themselves for a very busy week.On Sunday, the city said it had attended to 348 calls where roads, property and informal areas needed attention.We hope and pray that this flood passes and that no lives will be lost.

Python in the car

So i was reading my daily news when i came across this story that i just had to share with you.On a recent game drive in the Kruger national park Marlene and Leon Swart had a very interesting unexpected encounter with the wild, they had heard from fellow game viewers that there had been a lion sighting and were quite excited to see the magnificent beasts.

On our way to see the lions , they  saw a couple of cars and safari vehicles and initially thought it must be lions. Excitedly they got out of their cars and walked towards the small group that had gathered. What they found were not lions but instead an enormous Python lying in the grass. Suddenly it sailed out of the grass straight towards their car. Marlene waved to the vehicle behind them  to reverse, but he couldn’t understand what everyone was looking at. The next moment the python disappeared underneath our car.”

This is the funny part , the python had slithered its way into their car!!!! wow only in Africa do you encounter the wild in such unexpected ways. I had to show you this picture of the snake in  his car. long story short they had to get it out with their bare hands.

Technology and Sleep Deprivation

Times have changed and the world doesn’t function as it used to ten years ago.Some goals have become hard that much harder to achieve and business is now so competitive that you have to come up with ways to upgrade every single day. As a result our sleeping patterns have drastically changed as a people group and we are now getting less of this precious resource.

Counting sheep doesn’t help anymore, they say that the solution is in the problem and in this case scientists have found a way of using technology to our advantage.They have created apps that can help to you go to sleep, for blackberry’s they have a sleep cycles apps a that i think makes so much sense.This app claims to be a regular alarm with a twist, as it helps you to wake up better and fresher.

During sleep we go through different stages from deep sleep to light sleep with this app you can set the optimum wake up time. The app’s features include a soft wake up alarm that will go off before the main alarm. There are three relaxing sounds to choose from that will help you move from one stage of sleep to another making waking up easier.  Other features include a scheduler that enables you to set different alarms for different days, a nap alarm and bedside mode to reduce screen brightness.

I think we should embrace what technology can do for us. I for one am definitely getting this particular app. I need it !!!!!!!!!