Abortion Rocks The Eastern Cape

According to reports on Tuesday an abortion takes place every ten minuets in the Eastern cape clinics. The majority of the patience are school girls as young as 12 years of age are coming in asking for an abortion. It really took me aback!!! what ever happened to little girls playing with dolls and watching cartoons? I believe everyone has the freedom of choice but 12 years is a little too young in my opinion to be have sex let alone abortion.

Staff at the women’s clinic at Dora Nginza Hospital in Port Elizabeth were seeing between 16 and 20 young women daily, according to the report.Dozens were turned away because their pregnancy was too advanced and there were limited resources for a second-term abortion. Jean Downey the director pf new life crisis, says that a lot of the girls were indifferent because they have been through it so many times it doesn’t affect them anymore. This is amazing , in this day and age what about STI’s and HIV .

Why are our youth exposing themselves to all this unnecessary harm, in a hurry to grow up and not enjoying a really precious thing?their youth and innocence. If grown women with all the experiences they have had in life have been traumatized by abortions what more a 12 year old little girl. The question is how can we protect them ? how can we prevent this tragedy? We can only pray and hope that God will intervene.

Water supply in South Africa

Water , one of life’s precious resources has always been a challenge for Africans to get in the right quantities as well as quality. Africa has always had a problem with providing clean and safe drinking water to its people. Even developed countries in Africa like South Africa also experience water shortages.

Water covers 70.9% of the Earth’s surface, and is vital for all known forms of life. On Earth, 96.5% of the planet’s water is found in oceans, 1.7% in groundwater, 1.7% in glaciers and the ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland, a small fraction in other large water bodies, and 0.001% in the air as Vapor, clouds (formed of solid and liquid water particles suspended in air), and precipitation. Only 2.5% of the Earth’s water is freshwater, and 98.8% of that water is in ice and groundwater. Less than 0.3% of all freshwater is in rivers, lakes, and the atmosphere, and an even smaller amount of the Earth’s freshwater (0.003%) is contained within biological bodies and manufactured products.

In most of the cities though water shortage is not due to the South African government not facilitating it but due to burst pipes , which is such a relief. though South Africa has some area’s that don’t have piped water the majority of South Africa does though, unlike other African countries that have whole cities without access to clean water for days on end.

Weddings in South Africa

So I’m getting married !!!I was so excited when he asked me till i realized that we would have to foot the bill for most of the wedding. For anyone who has ever been married just planning for a wedding without paying for it is stressful enough without having to worry about the finances as well.

So my fiancé and I decided to have it in South Africa!!!! It is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and although they have everything to meet every budget for what my hubby and i envisioned the wedding to be its going to cost us a pretty penny.

Fortunately you can easily receive money in South Africa from almost any country easily especially from the united kingdom with Mukuru.com which is such a dream . We made a call and a few family members and friends came together and raised some of the money we need to make our special day even more memorable.

Now i really am excited to have my wedding ,everything is planned and is being executed as we speak so hope everyone we love and care about can make it there and be a part of our very special day.

Sending Money to South Africa

Our blogs are about sending money to south Africa , they aim to inform people on the best and easiest ways to do this for different people in different places. Now sending money to South Africa is very simple , there are quite a number of remittance companies that send money to South Africa and over the next two weeks we will look at some of them their Prows as well as cons.

South Africa has set strict rules and regulations to remittance companies that operate here. Now they have different requirements for these different organizations. One of these is a valid bank account , now if you are South African that is not a problem how ever if you are a foreigner you have to have a valid work or study permit, as well as a proof of residence . Though asylum seekers are allowed to work they are however unable to open bank accounts.

The South African Government is very strict about its requirements they want to avoid any or all forms of money laundering. With Mukuru.com it’s easy you can call into the call center or place orders on line in the comfort of your own home. its just that  easy !!!!!




Banking Fees in South Africa

A resent survey revealed that in 27 South Africa had the highest ATM fees, the y calculated that a transaction cost  R16.75 while withdrawal free were estimated at about R38.44 which is really high. In  contrast 18 countries including the United States of America and the United Kingdom charge nothing for ATM withdrawals and 14 countries charge nothing for branch withdrawals.

South Africa’s banks have agreed to cut some of their retail banking fees, the finance minister said on Tuesday, which could hit profits at major lenders such as Standard Bank and Absa.The country’s biggest banks, which also include FirstRand and Nedbank, agreed to lower their penalty fees on dishonored debit charges and to increase transparency on ATM fees and charges, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan told a news conference.The change will ensure “consumers get easier access to banking facilities and services (and) that they are getting cheaper services”, Gordhan said.

Money is always a sensitive issue , South Africans deserve better banking fee charges it would be such a shame that most of their income i swallowed up by bank charges. All the same at least there are easier and more affordable ways to send money to South Africa with Mukuru.com.



The world of technology is so amazing , they are taking great strides to improve our quality of life, and making an already easy and comfortable life even more easier and more comfortable. I could never imagine what life was like 50 years ago without Internet and social networking like Face-book and twitter that have completely changed the way we live.

Now they have invented a new smart phone application  that allows users to share mobile web access for free with other people nearby who have the same application on their phone. wow that is so amazing!!! it is called Open Garden, the application forms a mesh network that enables each person connected to it to relay it to other users.

So this is how it works;when there is no direct Internet connection in the network, the application accesses the web through links to other devices such as laptops or mobile phones. If the person whose connection is being shared leaves the network, the application automatically connects to the next best connection.

what next are they going to think of??? i find it so amazing that we can do almost anything with the Internet  these days; take sending money to south Africa for instance, with Mukuru.com you can send money to south Africa with any device that has an Internet connection. Personally i think that is so cool.

Snow in South Africa ????

The South African weather services have warned residents in the western as well as the eastern cape of a change of snow fall in the highland areas.Forecaster Bransdy Bulo was quoted yesterday saying “It will be very cold in the west, with a small chance of snowfalls in the highland areas of the Western Cape tomorrow morning,”.Statistics show that there is a 80% change of heavy rain in Cape Town and a 30% chance of heavy rain in Sutherland.

A subtropical location, moderated by ocean on three sides of the country and the altitude of the interior plateau, account for the warm temperate conditions so typical of South Africa, it is famous for its sunshine. It’s a relatively dry country, with an average annual rainfall of about 464mm (compared to a world average of about 860mm).

Snow in south Africa is such a treat, for others it is a dreaded night mare. Depending on which side of the fence you were born , for those that come from affluent well to do family, snow is an exciting prospect .Unfortunately not everyone will enjoy it, there some if not most who live in appalling housing that would not be able to live through a snowy winter. It’s always interesting how one situation can bring two very different reactions.

Money Laundering in South Africa

There has been a lot of noise about money laundering in Africa as a whole and South Africa in particular.the basic definition of Money laundering is the process of concealing legally or illegally acquired money.The methods by which money may be laundered are varied and can range in sophistication.

The general money laundering offenses are committed when certain acts are performed in respect of the proceeds of unlawful activities. These are defined in section 1 of POCA (The prevention of organized crime) as any property or any service, advantage, benefit or reward which was derived, received or retained in connection with, or as a result of, any unlawful activity carried on by any person. In addition, the definition makes it clear that the proceeds could have been derived, directly or indirectly, in South Africa or elsewhere, at any time before or after the commencement of POCA and that it includes any property representing such property.

In a nutshell the government monitors the flow of money in and out of a country especially South Africa, The remittance organizations have to adhere to the laws of the country in which they operate. So you will find that they require a lot of documentation like proof of Income , proof of residence as well as identification. Mukuru.com is one such organization that will assist you in sending money to South Africa legally.