What the future Holds!!!!

What does the future hold for us in terms of our economic growth and future, a lot of people are uncertain as to how to proceed as a lot has happened over the past five years. the way the Economic power houses were severely crippled by the credit crunch. An amazingly large number of innocent people lost their homes and some even their businesses. So what are we to expect?

According to Chantell Ilbury this is what we could possibly have to look foward to. ” The first scenario we call ‘Hard Times’ for at least the next five years. It is a flat-line future of minimal economic growth for the world as a whole.  Essentially, it is the Japanese experience for the last 22 years despite that country implementing easy-money policies throughout the period and attaining the highest national debt to GDP ratio of any country anywhere (210% of GDP against a recommended maximum of 60%). Japan has averaged 1% p.a. economic growth compared to 8% p.a. in the 1970s and 1980s. The Nikkei stock index is now below 9 000 compared to nearly 40 000 in December 1989.”

I’m not sure what the future holds , as a i always say only time will tell, but in the mean team we can only do the best we can with what we have in order to survive.

The Good Food and Wine show South Africa

South Africa is known for it’s diversity different cultures , and openness to new things. that why they are the perfect hosts for the good food and wine show which opened yesterday the 24th of May 2012. This event brings people from all over the world showcasing different cuisine!!!

For over a decade The Good Food and Wine Show has pushed the boundaries of excellence as South Africa’s premier food, wine and lifestyle voice. We are constantly heating things up, searching for innovation, stretching the imagination of our exhibitors and combining flamboyance and Diversity into unforgettable events that are quite simply, World Class.

The 2012 line up of the shows also includes Durban 23 -26 August and Gauteng 21 – 24 September which  guaranteed to charter even greater heights. Socially South Africa is the best place to live a true melting pot of cultures ,Cuisines, belief and behaviors. If you truly want to experience diversity you need to come to South Africa ! the best and safest way to send money to South Africa is through Mukuru.com.

South Africa and global warming

The global Climate vastly affects the climate in south Africa , However South Africa itself is a contributer to global warming according to a study In 1990, South Africa was responsible for about 1.2% of the total global warming effect which placed it within the top ten contributing countries in the world.

The carbon dioxide equivalent emission rate per person in South Africa (about 10 tons of CO2 per person per year) is above the global average (7 tons pppy) – although this is still considerably below that of developed countries such as the United States (20 tons pppy – 1991). The burning of fossil fuels in South Africa is the primary source of this carbon dioxide.

These changes in the climate will have an impact on different sectors of the Economy as well as society.This is known as South Africa’s vulnerability to climate change. A lot of South Africans do not have houses that would give adequate shelter to the harsher hotter or colder temperature changes. Let us come together and fight global warming it affects all of us as well as our future generations.



Manufacturing industry in SA

South Africa wants is launching a multi million billion rand incentive in hopes to boost the competitiveness of its manufacturing industry, As the global economic turn down and  and unstable exchange rates have hurt the exports. In 2008 and 2009 a million jobs where slashed of which a fifth were in  the manufacturing sector.

The three year manufacturing incentive will offer grants to the tune of R5bn for companies to replace obsolete equipment, retain jobs and comply with the black empowerment drive among other initiatives. Some economists doubt the effectiveness of this strategy as the African National Congress spent billions of rands training workers and improve competitiveness only to see that money be swallowed up by corruption with unemployment still rising.

According to data from the Chinese and South African governments the average south African factory worker earns six times more than the Chinese worker and is vastly less efficient. South Africa has a lot of opportunities and south Africans have to be passionate about where their country is going. The marriage between the government and its people is key in this fight to grow South Africa’s economy.

Sending Money to South Africa

It’s always really surprising how as human beings we always want to act like we know something even when we are clueless,I was chatting with a good friend of mine the other day and throwing big financial words around  when he asked me what remittance was, and in that moment i was a little gob-stopped! Thank God for the Internet i went and researched and found it.

A remittance is a transfer of money  by a foreign worker to his or her home country. Money sent home by migrants constitutes the second largest financial inflow to many developing Countries, exceeding international aid . Estimates of remittances to developing countries vary from International Fund for Agricultural Developments US$301 billion (including informal flows) to the World Bank’s US$250 billion for 2006 (excluding informal flows).

So for people who are south Africans living in other countries and want to send money home in other words”Remittance” my company of choice would be mukuru.com, it is one of the best companies i have ever had the please of dealing with they truly meet the needs of their customers. I like the them, Fast, Affordable, Reliable.so now we all know what remittance is and who know the best company to use in order to send money to south Africa

SA Airline Closes down

The south African airline Velvet sky has been placed under provincial liquidation by the Kwa-Zulu Natal high court. A second application for a business rescue plan  by Mzamo transport was dismissed by presiding judge Shyam Gyanda. The judge stated that the plan proposed on Friday gave little information of how they were going to effect a recovery plan and that he thought it might be a ploy to delay liquidation proceedings.

Velvet sky executive officer Dhivan Pillay claims that the daily expenses can be met if foreign investors provide funds as well cutting unnecessary costs on Velvest part. On the 7th of March Umzamo claimed that velvet owed them over 3.9million, and the court learned that velvet owed almost 100m to its creditors. Major fuel companies had stooped supplying fuel to velvet because of failure to pay and in February 2012 BP south Africa launched an application of provisional liquidation.

How does an airline that was seeing to do so well be all of a sudden go broke? it quite surprising as other airlines such as kulula and mango are flourishing in the same economy. It is always hard to break through in a market that has existing giants, could velvets demise be corporate espionage? Who know one thing i am sure of is the reliability of mukuru.com fast reliable and dependable, send money to South Africa the safest way.


South Africa’s very own Usain Bolt

South Africa’s hopes for this years Olympics are on the countries sprinting Ace Simon Magakwe who specializes on the men’s 100m. Simon was quoted saying that nothing was going to stand in his way from reaching the 100m final at the Olympics in London. Magakwe has been very competitive on the local circuit running 6 times under the qualifying mark and equaling Johan Rossouw’s national qualifying mark of 10.06 seconds.

Simon must qualify in an international race with a set time of less than 10.18 to qualify for the Olympic teams, and he s has set his target on the Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava, Czech republic on the 25th of may 2012.The Rustenburg based athlete who turns 26 next week said that he was confident he would reach the final and that he feel he is in the best shape to win.

Over the weekend bold cruised to a global season best of 9.82 in his first meeting of the year in Kingston.Bold is in good shape and has been quoted saying he would like to run the 100m in 9.4 seconds. we can’t wait to see what the encounter between Magakwe and Bold will bring at the Olympics! Will Magakwe be another victim or will be Magakwe  be the guy who takes out the giant . Only time will tell and we will enjoy every step of the journey.

Animal Cruelty

A building constructor has been fines R2500 for speeding in the Kruger national park and killing 7 impala. The driver was driving a truck and trailer at a very fast speed was not a Kruger national park employee but is in fact employed by contractors that are working on the park.

Mabasa  the park spokesperson said that the impala especially rams chase each other over the bush and in the roads especially during rutting season, this is either to gain dominance or to round up females to join their group. The spokesperson said stated the park was upset over the death of the impalas in an area were they are supposed to be protected and safe. So they too strict measures and fined the driver under the protected areas act for killing the impala and endangering other motorists.

Its amazing how reckless people are even in a game park knowing that animals roam freely, the penalties in my opinion are not high or still enough .If you want to support animal rights groups in south you can easily do so by sending money into their bank account with mukuru.com.

Petition Againt TuTu

There is a petition that has been started against arch Bishop Desmond tutu, who was scheduled to visit a catholic University in the United States of America. Tutu was quoted saying the he was not upset by it because he believes everyone has a right to an opinion and entitled to express it freely.

The Arch Bishop has been invited to deliver the key note address for Gonzanga Universities 125th celebrations. The cape times reported that 784 people had signed the petition to withdraw Tutus invitation because of his same sex marriage and pro-abortion views.

The petition was created and sent by Cardinal Newman Society which supports catholic identity in higher education, the petition reads “Although Archbishop Tutu performed wonderful work in South Africa, his positions on pre-born life, sexuality, and his disrespect for the Jewish people should disqualify him from receiving any honours at any institution worthy of calling itself Catholic.”

Its interesting how one person can be so celebrated  in one place and strongly disliked in another.