Send Money to Charities in South Africa

Cape town residence in South Africa have accused the council of sidelining the Afrikaans community, they have started talks of renaming some streets . The chairman of the naming committee has defended himself saying that the name changes came from the public. But is this all necessary? is it even important for the council to be allocating a budget for name changes when the housing and sanitation in some of cape towns townships are inhuman?

We always worry about the small things when there are bigger issues that people should be getting upset about. Some of the afrikaan coloured comunity are the poorest in south africa, with high unemployment , crime and child mortality.

there are several organizations that have made it their business to improve the lives of the under privileged in south Africa some for example the red cross, UNICEF , Nelson Mandela Children’s fund, boys and Girls town to mention just a few. If the plight of the under privileged in south Africa has caught you attention and you would like to send money to South Africa. Then you can easily do this with all you need is the organizations bank account number and a Mukuru account that is easy to open and you can make a difference in someones life.


Rhino Poaching in South Africa

Four People where arrested in Johannesburg in the beginning of March after they had had an accident on the M3 highway. When the accident occurred the victim saw the four hide a cooler bag under a tree nearby where the accident occurred, The police responded quickly and found that the suspects had a bloody rhino horn in the cooler bag.

I’m so surprised that in this day and age we still have poachers robbing future generations of their heritage.Poaching has far reaching environmental consequences. A campaigner fighting to save the rhinos predicts that if poaching continues at the rate it is going there will be no rhinos by 2050. last year poachers slaughtered 448 rhinos , and in the first three months this year the tool was at 109 which gives us a kill rate of more than one rhino a day.

While poachers target the adult rhino for its horn sometimes the baby rhinos die as well as they cannot survive alone, the sharp increase in poaching has raised concerns among experts that the animal may disappear from the wild in four years. The situation becomes very diffucult because some wildlife conservationist have been implicated in the poaching  industry.

We all need to play our part and put a stop to Rhino poaching.


Acid rain in south Africa

South Africa’s water infrastructure is rapidly declining, In the rural areas people go without clean water  and quality issues like acid mine drainage are endangering the urban water supply.

According to Wikipedia  Acid rain is a precipitation that contains elevated levels of hydrogen ions. It can have harmful effects on plants , aquatic animals, and infrastructure . It is caused by emissions of Carbon and sulfur dioxide as well as nitrogen oxides which react with the water molecules  in the atmosphere to produce acids.

The acid rain does not directly affect human health because it is too dilute, however it does affect the environment. As human beings we relay greatly on our environment the plants and animals that are directly affected then affect us. Acid rain also damages buildings, historic monuments and statues, especially those  made of rock.

South africa”s department of water affairs  plan is to treat acid mine drainage by removing the dangerously high levels of chemicals before they are released into the rivers. They plan to neutralise the water by adding lime and removing the heavy metals which is called desalination which is extremely expensive.

We all have to play our part in keeping the environment clean, let us try and live a green life to preserve our environment as a heritage for the future generations.



Human Rights????

Today south Africa celebrates the human rights day  which was declared the day for the elimination of racism by the UN.the day was named after the Sharpeville Masaccar of 21 March 1960 where the police killed 69 unarmed people and injured 180.The day is sometimes referred to Heroes day , it was a very important  event in the liberation struggle.

The apartheid laws humiliated African men in particular, every indigenous African male above the age of 16 had to carry the dompas day and night and had to produce it on demand by the police. failure to produce it, forgetting it at home or not having the right stamp  meant being arrested and going to jail.The Pan African Congress called for all the black men to leave their passes at home and to appear at a police station and demand to be arrested. Surprisingly more people where killed in the days following Sharpeville . The international community was outraged and turned against the  Nationalist party Government which  fueled the revolution till the countries democratic elections on the 27th of April 1994.

But what does all this really mean to all the liberated black South Africans? Have their lives improved? do they have access to better education and health care? Do they now freedom of speech as well as expression, and if so what have they done with it to improve the their lives as well as the lives of the future generations of black South African.  We don’t we think about that as we commemorate this significant day in the history of the world ans especially South Africans


Sending Cars to south Africa

Returning South African citizens are allowed to import their belongings without paying duties on the condition that they can prove that they where abroad for more than six months and for other reasons besides Studying and touring, unfortunately this does not include Vehicles.

Due to the strict yearly checks in the UK the quality of second hand cars is better and the cost is way cheaper than that of south Africa. Duties are usually 65% of the UK value payable to the South African clearing agent. If you have dual citizenship that is EU/UK and South African Citizenship and have owned your car for more than twelve months then you can apply for duty.

There are two methods of transportation ; there is the roll on roll of method, then there is the the shipping inside a some cases when you use a container you can also ship personal belongings inside the container as well.Container shipping is significantly more expensive than any other form of shipping.

If you find yourself stranded in the South African customs and are in need of a large amount of money, friends and relatives in the UK as well as tea EU can easily send you large sum’s of money. will allow you to send a limitless amount of money provided that you can show them a proof of funds as well as proof of payment and you will be good to go.


Send money to yourself in South africa

South Africa is one of the most renown tourist destinations in the world. South Africa has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It has 3000km of coastline with thousands of beaches! The Kruger National park , which is over two million hectares is the same size as the whole of Whales, that is a whole lot of land!!

The table Mountain is the centerpiece of Cape town, it only occupies 17000ha but it supports 2285 plant species 90 of which are only found on the peninsula and is part of the cape floral region world heritage side.

the Northern and Central Drakensberg  areas have some of the most beautiful Scenery imaginable.The area falls into about four valleys namely Champagne valley,Didima valley, Amphitheater Valley and the middle day pass valley. all four of them are amazingly beautiful in extremely different ways.

If you are looking for a little bit of history you can visit the kalahari dessert with the Khoi and San people who where the first people to live in South Africa. Robben island is another must see place to visit when in south Africa , visiting the cell where the legendary Nelson Mandela was incarcerated!

There are so many places to visit in South Africa , it is so peaceful. When travelling anywhere in the world it is not  advisable to not carry around a lot of money on your all owes you to send money to yourself ahead of your journey. and it safely goes into your own bank account and you can withdraw it when you get to your destination.


South African Universities

South Africa has some really great universities and high schools that are at the cutting edge of study and research in various areas. There are twenty one public Higher education institutions that offer a wide range of study and research options for both local and international students.the number one university in South Africa is the university of cape town which is ranked 103 in the world.

If you are an international Student intending to study in South Africa you must first apply and be granted a a study permit by the department of home affairs in South Africa. This is regardless of the level of education intended whether primary, Secondary or tertiary. Once you have received confirmation of a formal offer for a place to study then you apply for your study permit.

As a parent you want to ensure that you children.s fees are paid quickly and promptly! This can easily be done by sending the fee’s straight into the universities bank account  using The safest and easiest way to send money to South Africa  is to open an account with and start sending immedietly.

Buying Property in South Africa

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they put their house up for sale is that they over price it. Though this seems like a good strategy to then negotiate down to the price you want a lot of buyers won’t even bother to go and view an over priced property.

over pricing your property will only make reasonably priced properties look like a bargain buy. Houses that sit on the market for too long loose their appeal and the owners are then forced to lower the price. Research has shown that houses that have been on the market for more than 24 weeks sell for more than 10 percent less of the asking price.

Though houses in South Africa are reasonably priced in my oppinion and you can get a home loan that facilitates you buying a house that is within your means. Banks such as Standard bank, Nedbank as well as FNB offer loans, ABSA  as well as institutions like Old mutual and Sanlam to name a few.

With you can easily send large amounts of money at a good rate to South African to facilitate you buying a house. All you need to do to send a proof of funds like a bank statement as well as a proof of payment and that can be an invoice for the purchase or the down payment of your house. there is no better investment than buying a house.