South African Emigration

I was so socked when i read a study on how almost  One million Whites South Africans have left their country between 1995-2005 years ! These statistics where released by the (SAIRR) south African Race relations, and where compiled by Frans Cronjé and the main reasons stated where Crime and affirmative action. Most of the white emigrants are economically productive people but this gap has lead to an increase in other races contributing more to the economy, the black population grew by 81%, Indians by 7% and 6% Indians. While a lot of white South African have left they are not the only ones leaving the country other races have left the country to find greener pastures as well.Luckily for  the expats there are quit a few Reliable and trustworthy remittance companies that send money to South Africa.Comparing Money Gram and have found that though money gram is faster is significantly cheaper there by making it more affordable for the millions of hard working South Africans out there who want to end money home. it is extremely safe as the money goes straight into the receivers bank account.Its such a comfort when you are far away from your loved ones to be able to send them something as a token of your love.

Madiba Back home

The 93 year old iconic former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela was discharged on Sunday after spending the night at the hospital. The Nobel peace Prize winner has had long standing Abdominal problems . The doctors have been quoted saying they are “happy with the progress he is making and that he is in good health!”. Mandela has resumed his normal daily routine. In January 2011 false twitter postings claimed that Madiba had died while he had just been admitted for a mild respiratory infection.. As we can all see for ourselves Mandela is Live and kicking! Viva Mandela.

Sending money to South Africa

There are several questions as to who actually sends money to South Africa, this is something that we have blogged about before but the question still comes up.

South Africa is abuzz with the sound of school fees, shopping sprees and bills that need to be paid. Properties seem to be a very popular in terms of what the money is actually being uterlised for. A lot of people in the diaspora’s,  children are at university and are living and part time working in the country and so you will find that there is money being sent for various purposes as well as uses.

How its being done is so varied because of the number of institutions that we have that faclitate the movement of money. There is western union, money gram, .

The local banks and many more facilitators to ensure that money arrives at its appointed destination


INDABA is one of the largest tourism marketing events on the African calendar and one of the top three ‘must visit’ events of its kind on the global calendar. It showcases the widest variety of Southern Africa’s best tourism products, and attracts international visitors and media from across the world. INDABA is owned by South African Tourism and organised by Witch & Wizard Creative (Pty) Ltd.

For two years in a row, INDABA has won the award for Africa’s best travel and tourism show. This award was presented by the Association of World Travel Awards.

INDABA is a four day trade event that attracts well over 13000 delegates from the travel tourism and related industries.

This is a great place to go and get all the information that you need with regards to the industry all under one roof it is being hosted in durban from the 12 -15 may 2012 and you don’t want to miss it.

Send money to South Africa with

Sending money to South Africa to some implies that the country is in turmoil when the truth of the matter is that each country in the world benefits from remittance and South Africa is no exception. I have been researching a couple companies that send money to South Africa and I have to admit that one that seems to be very affordable and quick is from a rather quirky sounding company called . They have such an efficient service that allows you to be able to directly deposit the money into a bank account. There are no hassles and worries about weather or not the money will be stolen and at least there is a paper trail to follow suite in the even your recipient says that they have not received the money. The name sounds funny but hey this service works.Check it out for yourselves and tell me what you think.